Mobile Scratch Repair for Calgary and area


From key scratches to parking lot dings, your car’s paintwork is exposed to potential damage almost every day. Even when your car is parked, it can still be damaged deliberately or as the result of an accident.


Getting these scratches, scrapes, and dents repaired is thought to be a hassle; particularly if you’re considering bringing your car to a traditional auto body shop. There are plenty of reasons for this, including the high cost, long wait times, and the weeks that auto body shops may need to complete the repair. And don't forget about the insurance company headaches!


 Don't worry there is an alternative:

Benefits of The Wash Auto Spa's Mobile Scratch Repair:


  • Choices! We offer two options at different cost levels. Buff and touch-up and Scratch Repair. we are happy to help you decide the repair that best suits your needs. 


  • Save up to 80% off traditional Body Shops


  • Fast Service:  Some are completed in as little as 30 min! Most repairs are completed the Same Day. We come to you. 


  • High-quality repairs. (We can not promise perfection. We can promise to carefully explain your options and the outcome for each type of repair.  Our experienced and certified team members provide high quality at an exceptional value)


  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! We can get up to a 90% repair result. 


  • No Carfax report. We don't report repairs to anyone, unlike other repair places.  Those reports can lower your vehicle's value.

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