Signature Wash

Experience The Wash Auto Spa's signature 30 step wash process. Even our wash makes you stand out!

  • Exclusive Soap Used

  • Door Jams Cleaned 

  • Face Of Wheels Cleaned

  • Outside Windows 

  • Hand Wash 

  • Hand Dried 

Price Starting At $45

Essential Detail

This is a great way to keep your vehicle maintained. We recommend this service every 4 months.

  • Signature Wash Process

  • Full Interior Wiped Down

  • Interior Vacuumed

  • Mats Vacuumed

  • Spotless Windows

  • Shine Wheels & Tires

Price Starting At

Cars $130 / SUV, Small Truck $150 / Full size $180

2.5 - 3 Hr Service

This package is for returning customers and is only available upon inspection

Premium Detail

This is our most popular package. If you have not had your vehicle detailed, this is what you need

  • Signature Wash Process

  • Plush Microfiber Towel Dry

  • Inner Basin & Wheels Cleaned

  • Air Assisted Full Interior Clean

  • Spot Shampoo

  • Shampoo Carpet Floor Mats

  • UV Protection On All Interior Surfaces

  • Spotless Windows

  • Tires Shined

Price Starting At

Cars $180 / SUV, Small Truck $225 / Full size $280

4 Hr Service

Exclusive Detail

This is the ultimate package. Bring your car back to life with this exclusive package.

  • Signature Wash Process

  • Hot Water Foam Bath

  • Exterior Decontamination

  • Hot Water Rinse

  • Full Wheel Clean

  • Hot Air Dry

  • Complete Interior Detail

  • Textile/Leather Protection

  • Spotless Windows

  • UV Protection On All Interior Surfaces

  • Paint Enhancement

  • All Exterior Trim Protected 

  • Application Of Our Exclusive 6 Month Paint Sealant

Price Starting At

Cars $350 / SUV, Small Truck $420 / Full size $480

6 Hr Service

Add-On Services

Sometimes you need to add a little something extra.

  • Interior Shampoo $100

  • Dog Hair $50 Per Hour

  • Leather Conditioner $60

  • Decon & Wax $100

  • CL02 Treatment $60

  • Glass Chip Repair $40

  • Headlight Polishing $60

  • Glass Coating $80


3 Year Glass Coating

This is a great entry level coating if you are on a budget 

Our exclusive 2 year coating is a Silica and Titanium oxide hybrid coating. Utilizing both ingredients creates a hard, glossy and hydrophobic surface helping prevent UV damage, fallout bonding to the surface, chemical resistance, easy cleaning as well as adding scratch resistance. Maintained, T+SiO2 will last up to 2 years or more with proper maintenance 

Paint Enhancement Included

*No warranty offered with this package*

5 Year Graphene Self-Healing Protection

Our exclusive true grahene coating will have you standing out inn any crowd

GSHC is our latest revolutionary product utilizing Graphene and blended into a self healing formula.

Key Features:

– Our 2 stage coating process is unique to only The Wash Auto Spa
– Ultra hydrophobic
– Excellent chemical resistance
– Graphene formula
– Sprayed to ensure full coverage of a areas of your vehicle 
– Heals at 60C

Paint Enhancement Included

*5 year warranty offered with this package*